Life coach

I found the whole experience very rewarding

I found the whole experience very rewarding

I went to five Life Coaching sessions with Rebecca and found them extremely enriching and more than worth the investment in time and money.

I had lost my “family/work/life” balance and was looking for some guidance to help me put it back on track. I also had some people issues at work that I was struggling to manage.

Rebecca was an amazing listener and an incredibly insightful outsider who managed to identify and focus on the key issues and help me find the solution that was appropriate for me. We talked through the people issues and devised a plan of action to manage the situation. She also used a couple of visualisation techniques during the course of the sessions which I found incredibly useful.

Not only did the sessions help me set realistic goals to work towards they also gave me a huge amount of insight into myself, into how my mind works and how I portray myself with others. They given me some useful tools and a clear plan for how to manage people issues in the future, but more importantly they have taught me to focus on the today and appreciate life.

I found the whole experience very rewarding.