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Human MOT workshop

We have many times of transition in our lives, when it’s hard to see the path forward… maybe you’ve just left college, and are trying to get started in the ‘real’ world,  or perhaps you’ve been made redundant, or retired?

Maybe you don’t get any pleasure from your job, or you gave up work to be a mum, or your children have flown the coup, and you have more time on your hands?

Whatever your circumstances, we all need help seeing clearly sometimes.

If you keep doing the same thing over and over, don’t expect different results.  Einstein

We aim to clarify your wants, activate your enthusiasm and get you going in the right direction.

Lead the life you truly want and deserve

rebecca-saraThe Level 1 Human MOT workshop is led by Rebecca and Sara Stewart, who have put together a blend of life coaching, NLP, and positive visualisation to guide you through four hours of fun self discovery and inspiration.

By the end you should have a clear idea of key positive changes you want to make, and how to make them.

We are keeping the groups small, maximum 8, and the workshop is in a relaxing friendly setting in TW1.

Price: £45

Phone 020 35 36 35 37 for more information.

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“An insightful and thought provoking morning. I thought it was brilliant, and whilst probing and challenging, was conducted very calmly and sensitively.”

“It felt like a safe space, which is crucial.”

“Thought it flowed really well.”

“I really enjoyed listening and learning about myself and others.”

“Your warmth and calm filled the room, it was a very trusting and positive experience.”

“ An illuminating morning, thoroughly enjoyed it.”

“You made us all feel very comfortable and got the best out of us. Do let me know about you next session!”