Life coach

My approach

Often clients come to me when they are stuck or in transition; at a crossroads, not knowing which path to take.

Through coaching I encourage people to embrace their past, acknowledge it, and then move on to a lighter, more productive future. Allowing the imagined life to become a reality.

My skills are focussed on supporting the client’s emotional and mental well being.

When I work with clients I try to unlock the blocks we all place in the way of getting where we want to be and eliminate self sabotage.

I work in a rigorous, dynamic and very practical approach using some NLP techniques to shift and alter personal approaches that get in the way, allowing freedom and greater personal fulfilment.

I work to shore up ailing confidence and make self belief readily accessible. Allowing security to flow and having the courage to take risks.

Daring to ”do”.

Being free from judgement and confident to take action.

My aim is for my clients to live the lives they truly want to live, not the ones they think ought to.

My ethos is to help anyone realise their true and honest potential.

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