Life coach

Coaching for creatives

What is holding you back?

I can access those blocks to creative thinking and release the freedom to explore possibilities. Freedom to unfold your wings, to allow the natural flow of creative expression.

Working with practical solutions to allow free-flowing thought to be turned into a creative endeavour. Goal setting and targets are used to aid achievement.

Often creative people get overwhelmed with negative responses and don’t know how to overcome the hurdles that arise.

I love unlocking creativity and working to eradicate negative thoughts that impede new growth.

I can move you forward.

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Rebecca has given me a safe place to explore and has helped me build a practical framework to get going with what I want to do. She has also helped me locate what gets in the way of me getting on with it, and has given me the confidence to gently but firmly push that aside. She doesn’t let you get away with things either. It’s not a cosy chat, it’s a creative, productive session and I come away feeling inspired and ready for action. Read testimonial