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Grievances and disputes

People can be daunted when faced with presenting their case at an appeal, grievance or dispute hearing.  It can be hard to get perspective and clarity on what can seem a thorny and complex problem.

To maximize success, it’s essential to be able to present you case in a clear, coherent and robust way.  The difficulty is that we bring our emotions in, and they can get in the way.

Usually there is one emotion that dominates.  It might be fear, anger, or stress, and I can help you prepare for these events by ‘parking’ this emotion, in order to focus wholeheartedly on the articulation of the key aspects of your case.

From past experience, clients have been able to settle their disputes and appeals favourably after only a short amount of coaching.

My work with Rebecca prepared me brilliantly for my appeal hearing.  I had worked on the words, but Rebecca’s coaching opened my eyes as to how to deliver them, and how to own and control the hearing so that my key messages would be heard.  It really worked.  I thoroughly recommend a few sessions with Rebecca to supplement any legal and technical advice obtained during dispute resolution.  As a bonus, the insights and learnings are readily transferable into many every day work situations, and what’s more, it was fun! Worth every penny.

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