Life coach

I come away feeling inspired and ready for action

I come away feeling inspired and ready for action

I think Rebecca is an absolutely fantastic coach who has a gift for supporting and guiding people to get the most out of their lives.

She has an uncanny ability to see through the detail to what’s really important. Yet she doesn’t impose that on you, she just uses her skill to guide you in an insightful and creative way.

Rebecca has given me a safe place to explore and has helped me build a practical framework to get going with what I want to do.

She has also helped me locate what gets in the way of me getting on with it, and has given me the confidence to gently but firmly push that aside. She doesn’t let you get away with things either. It’s not a cosy chat, it’s a creative, productive session and I come away feeling inspired and ready for action.

I always feel that Rebecca can see me clearly and genuinely understands me.

I never imagined anyone could do that for me. Seeing Rebecca is like seeing an inspirational teacher, parent, friend and co-creator all rolled into one and I feel very lucky to have her as my coach.

I really believe she has made a huge difference to my life and has helped me unlock skills and abilities that could have laid dormant for years