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I always felt 5 feet taller afterwards

I always felt 5 feet taller afterwards

Like a lot of people I was interested in what coaching was all about but a little sceptical and apprehensive about what it would actually entail.

However from the first meeting with Rebecca I was absolutely hooked on the process. I found each session to be a remarkably positive experience and I always felt 5 feet taller afterwards.

Rebecca is the most perceptive person I have ever met. She is a relaxed and friendly yet completely professional coach who was always able to identify and apply direction and purpose to our discussion and exercises. Through our course of sessions we worked on several different aspects of my professional and personal life and identified the things that really make me tick – some of which I had been unconsciously and consciously suppressing for years.

As a result I have a much clearer picture of who I am and where my life is heading. I have accomplished things that I never would have hoped to a year ago. As an added bonus I always got an excellent cup of tea and, if when I was really lucky, a slice of cake.